“Тест” Present Simple Tense

1. Write the verbs in Present Simple.

Tom’s father

Tom’s father ___________________ (work) in Rome.
His office _____________________ (be) in a big building.
Every morning he ________________ (get up) at six o’clock.
He ___________________________ (wash) in cold water.
He ___________________________ (eat) eggs and toast for breakfast.
He___________________________ (drink) apple juice for breakfast.
He___________________________ (put on) his jeans and jacket.
Then he _______________________ (run) to the railway station.
He always ______________________ (take) his umbrella.
10. He _______ (buy) a newspaper and ____________ (read) it on the train.
11. In the evening he_______ __ (come) back home at five o’clock.
12. After dinner he usually ___________ (watch) television.
13. He never________________________(go) to the cinema.
What a boring life!
2. Fill in the verbs in Present Simple.

He _____________chips for dinner.
I _____________ coffee three times a day.

She ____________ to Paris once a year.
We ____________ Italian and English.

They ____________ in Canada.
I ____________ to school every day.

My dad ___________work at seven o’clock.
We ___________tennis every weekend.

My friend __________old films.
The baby __________ all the day. 3. Don’t or Doesn’t???

He ______________live in Mexico.
She _____________ work in a bank.
I _____________play golf once a week.
Ron _____________listen to the radio.
We _____________speak French.
You _____________drink coffee in the morning.
My cat___________ sleep at night.
His car___________ work.
Shelly____________ eat meat.
I ____________understand you.

4. Do or Does???
____________your friend like spaghetti?
____________the children go to school on Fridays?
____________your sister watch TV in the morning?
____________he read comics?
____________the girls like football?
____________they go to sleep at 9 o’clock?
____________she play on computer?
____________the dog like to eat meat?
____________you speak English or German?
____________ he like cats?

5. Tom’s busy day.

L Read and answer

Where does Tom study? _____________________________
What time does his alarm clock ring?_____________________________
Why can’t he get up? _____________________________
Does he have time to have a shower?_____________________________
What does he eat for breakfast? ______________________________
What time does Tom get to university?____________________________
What time does he have dinner? _____________________________
What does Tom usually do after the dinner?________________________ 6. Complete the questions with: Where, When, What, Who, How, Why.

… … … studies history? (Tom)
… … …does he go to the university? (by bus)

… … … does Tom study history? (in London)
… … …does Tom drink for breakfast? (a cup of tea)

… … …does he go to bed at night? ( at 2 or 3 o’clock)
… … …does Tom never do his homework? (because he goes out with friends)

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